hi guys

It's time to change my guitar strings but i have completely no idea which strings i have to choose. I've got a Hudson HD100ACE acoustic guitar with steel strings, but i don't know which gauge i have now and what i should choose. Can you give me some advise?
You'll probably get better answers here

Regardless, 13s are usually the base starting spot for acoustics I think. Thicker strings will give you a thicker, deeper tone. Thinner strings will give you a thinner, possibly brighter tone and most people say are easier to play.

You should google it, string gauge has been discussed on a million forums a million times.
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Your best bet is to take it to a shop and let them tell you what's on there. If you just throw 13s on, for ex, and you have 11s on now, you will have to make neck adjustments and your intonation will be off..