So I currently have a Fender Mustang 1, however I am getting a new guitar soon and am ready to move up to a higher quality amplifier.

I think I want to stick with combo amps since I really like having the different presets and effects that it brings. I would say my price range is no more than $350. It would be a huge plus if I could plug the amp directly into my computer to record as well. My main focus however is sound quality. I want it to be as good as possible at this price point.

If it matters, I play a lot of pop punk, as well as some stuff that is a little heaver such as breaking benjamin and a day to remember.

Combo amps don't have presets, or effects. It's just an amp with speakers attached.

What you're thinking of is digital modelling.

That being said, we highly suggest you buy used, off of craigslist or Guitar Center. In your price range, you're just going to find so much more.

I also don't know much about pop punk, so I can't really recommend much. That being said, the Peavey Vyper 60 (the one with tubes) is supposed to be very versatile, plugs directly into your PC for recording, has digital effects available for your silly delay shinanegans, and sounds it's best when you're playing with a band.
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