Hey I Submitted A Tab And It Got Denied. It Is For "soul To Squeeze" By The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It Says Not To Resubmit A Tab, But There Was No Reason Listed For The Denial.
On Ultimate Guitar There Are Only Two Versions Of This Song. The First Is Wrong, And The Second Is A Transposition Of The Same Tab.
I Have The Correct Chords In The Original Key.
How Do I Go About Asking For Reconsideration?
I Am A Guitar Teacher And It Would Be Nice To Have Correct Tabs On The Site. I Can't Tell You How Many Tabs That Are Published Are Just Wrong. I'd Be Glad To Be A Moderator, But It Says I Have To Submit Tabs And Have A Higher Rating To Do So! Just Trying To Be A Useful Contributor And User, I Love The Site.

First off, you should probably not type in all caps. It's unecessary, doesn't work, and makes your post a little harder to read.

Second, (if I'm not mistaken) it says not to resubmit a tab until you have corrected it according to the denial notes. If there are none, then it is perfectly okay to resubmit it again. But if it continues to get denied without an explanation, you should make note of it in the WTF? Where is my tab?!?! thread. But only after it has been denied a few times without an explanation.

Quote by beefpitas
I'd Be Glad To Be A Moderator, But It Says I Have To Submit Tabs And Have A Higher Rating To Do So!
Wouldn't we all?

I'm not sure one can become a tab moderator as easy as that, but you can become a Trusted Tabber, such as myself.

The requirements for it are:
-You must have at least 50 tabs
-You must have an average rating of 4-5 stars

Benefits include:
-Being able to view the names of those who voted to approve/deny a tab
-One vote from a Trusted Tabber counts as 2.
-A Trusted Tabber title next to your own votes.

You should start by setting your goals for that first.
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