Here is the fourth video of my cover song list in built
This cover is very special for me, it's the first time i use my "normal" voice to sing with some notes instead of growling all along. I'm working on my accent, that it's not perfect but i'm still working on it
For each videos you could download the full mix track by track and the full score on my facebook page here :
http://www.facebook.com/thomas.bressel then : Photos - Albums - Video Cover Songs

Rhythm guitar left : VIGIER Marylin (tuned in B E A D F# B)
Rhythm guitar right : VIGIER Supra 7 strings
Lead Guitar : VIGIER Supra 6 strings
Bass : VIGIER excess 5 string

Acoustic Nylon : LAG Automnia
Acoustic Steel : LAG Baby Jumbo
Acoustic 12 strings : LAG Tramontane

All was recorded with a Rocktron Prophesy 2 with original presets of the machine.
Just wanted to give my compliments on the cover. Enjoyed it and also liked that it isn't an exact copy of the original arrangement.
It's a bit depressing that music is this hard these days, you do this kind of high quality effort and "only" get that amount of views and some kid ranting about their makeup or whatever get 100k
Fanapathy-> Thank you for your compliment i just do theses cover songs for fun, it changes of composing my own music, i take good time to play my favorite songs, recording them, video editing etc .. i understand what you say about stupid videos, peoples often watch stupid things, they are trained to watch stupidities on TV before, so ... Lol