My FIRST OFFICIAL original song under the alias “Chasing Erin”.
Been in the works for about 7-8 months now. Just released yesterday!
I'm very new to mastering, but think I did a decent job.
All except vocals, guitars, and bass were programmed.

Seriously, it’d make me so happy.

This song has an extremely heavy meaning behind it.
Written about my father who passed away on January 12th, 2012 at just 38 years young.

Any and all feedback/constructive criticism is welcome!
C4C guarantee. I promise!

If you enjoy what you hear, please, please show anyone and everyone you can!
Very grateful for any and all support! Thank you for taking the time to listen to something i’m so very proud of.

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The way you panned everything was a little weird to listen to and the drums seemed rather dull (probably need more reverb) but honestly that is one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard so that made up for it a lot. It was a nice listen.
Harlot Hero,
Long time no hear! I don't recall you playing stuff this hard.....in at least a long time. Vocals are a little pitchy at times, otherwise fine. I like some of the guitar riffs. The whispering "wake me up" vocals were interesting. The screaming vocals at the ending were intense. The heartbeats at the end gave me goosebumps, probably because of reading about your father passing (sorry). I sincerely hope this song was cathartic for you. The (reverse?) cymbals were nice. I can't say it was my favorite song I have heard you do; perhaps there was a bit too much guitar dissonance for me personally. Visual artwork is well done. I tried to hear it again, it was making more sense to me, then it refused to play past 0:20.........OK now listening on ultimateguitar.com....audio quality is good. Drums are good. Sounds better the second time. Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

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Reading as I write:
Like the guitar tone. The drum build up is way to thin. Drum entering at 0:33 is also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to thin. Vocal has a nice timbre, timbre fits the song well. They're a bit pitchy though. Nice riffing and stuff, but the drums are just not carrying it at all. Some nice stuff going on. Lead at 2:50 is a bit pitchy. Some of the notes sound off. Check your guitar intonation/tuning. Re-entering of the intro at 3:28 is nice. Instrumental part after that is nice but the guitar is a little pitchy again. Clean break at 4:33 sounds cool, you're clean tone is very pure. Entering of the screams at 4:40 is nice. Like the leads int he background. Guitar tone is very nice overall. Any chance on sharing the recording chain for that?

Song is pretty cool, you've got to watch your pitch though. Vocals were a bit off at times and lead too. One thing I do when intonation is slightly off in a solo is just Melodyne/Autotune that note. That way you can get perfect intonation without having to redo the take, since some takes are hard to redo. Better to edit and make it work then to throw away that wondertake. Also when recording leads try tuning your guitar for the notes you're playing. Most guitars are slightly off on the higher frets so tuning for exactly the notes you're going to play works wonders in getting perfect intonation.

Turn up the drums! Especially the kick and the snare need to be a lot louder. Preferably get a different kick sample. Also get a fatter/deeper tom sample, your current one does not really fill the purpose of adding those low tuds, for that effect also maybe add some verb to make those things really fill up the low end. Check this out for some better drum samples: Here it's a collection of sorts which has some really nice stuff. Including some actual samples Andy Sneap uses. What drum sampler do you use anyway? You seperatly sampled everything or you have a drumsampler including it's own samples?
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I really liked it, it sounds really professional to me but to be honest the singing doesn't really convince me, although I really enjoyed the screaming at the end. I don't listen to this kind of music much, I'm sorry can't give you a better review.
Hey man!

I'm writing as I listen so here it goes.

I like the intro riff and the build up, but it seems like like that drum beat and riff at :26 were a little out of place. I like the riff going into the first verse and how it transitions to the verse section. Obviously very personal lyrics and I love how it goes back to being heavy at around 1:15.

Going on, some of the transitions between riffs could be smoothed out, but I think overall its a good song. Some work with the mixing and a little refining of the structure of the song would improve it further.

Good job!
What is your recording enviroment and what gear are you using to record?

Are the drums recorded after the guitars/vocals? It seems...out of sync therefore the mix loses considerable punch.

Try equing out the extreme low end of the guitar to get a clearer sound.
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