Hey Guys,

So after quite some hours researching and learning about mixing I have stumbeled upon the master VU meter. Which I have several questions about.

My frist problem is that whenever I import a normal mp3, from an album of some band, into Reaper it already clips... Ranging from +0.3dB to +1.7dB on the peak meter of the master VU. The strange thing is however I can't hear the clipping. Although I have read somewhere that reaper can't clip on the tracks, because of some 64 bit floating point operation? I do blelieve the master VU peak is never allowed clip right?

My second question is about the RMS meters on the VU meter. Why is an offset used and why on top of that a display gain of +3dB? Like 'Apsu' descriped in his last paragraph of his first long post in this thread: http://www.guitarampmodeling.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=5005

So generally my question would be how do I read this VU meter correctly and what should I pay attention to while mixing?

Some extra information:
I am using the Focusrite scarlett 2i4 as my soundcard.
Everything clips as well in Mixcraft 5, used as a reference.
Tests where done with only one track for the mp3's

Thank you all
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The VU meter in Reaper is indicating clipping on commercial masters because they're usually mastered to clip by a a fraction of a decibel in an effort to achieve extra loudness. The amount of clipping they induce will be such that it's barely audible, especially given that the waveform is typically little more than a solid wall and when you do hear unwanted digital clipping it's usually more audible when responding to dynamics (ie a drum microphone with the gain too high on a digital desk).
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Yeah read something about that, weird though if you put -1.5dB on it it's all fine and you don't loose much loudness...

And what about the RMS meter, what is good and what not? Still don't get all the offsets and display gain. What do you guys use and why?