I have a Levi cloth strap (feels like wool or cotton, but is NOT leather) and I got a bunch of blue paint on it from a costume show this weekend. Do you think it would be safe to run through a washing machine? or will this ruin the strap?
I personally wouldn't do that. Post a pic or link to your strap though.

I'd try to pull the stain out with some Shout It Out or OxyClean and use hot water and cloth. Maybe get a bucket of hot soapy water and a bucket of hot rinse water and a brush and just have at it.

Basically hand wash it.

Nice thread title too.
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I'll have to give that a shot. I'm worried about the design on the strap though. I'd like to avoid having it fade if possible. I couldn't find an exact picture, but it's this strap but with a guy floating with a design under him (in the link). I can post an actual picture if that helps. Thanks! strap on is exactly what I want to do to
it's cosmetic and adds character, leave it on. try to bleed on it soon.
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I expected something else from the tittle..................
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^ Frankly I was hoping it was about guitar straps. YMMV, apparently.

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Nice thread title too.

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