I wrote this early in summer, and to be honest I'm not sure what genre to chuck it in, it's metal anyway.

All the guitars were done with free vst's, drums were superior, and there's a guest solo from a fellow on here, unfortunately I can't remember his username - if I find it I'll put it in.

I think some of the video is out of sync, but I'm pretty happy with the end result.

Anyway here ya go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXKZEtxDqJQ

There's a download link on my soundcloud
Writing as I listen:

Intro is a bit sudden. But that's okay. Guitar tones takes about 2 seconds to get used to but then it kind of falls into it's place. The riff at 0:43 is cool. I like the major feeling. The transition at 1:04 is nice too. The part at 1:14 didn't fit the song 100% in my opinion (The chugs are fine but the part higher on the neck seems off). Chugs are a bit too thin/scratchy in my opinion. Could use a bit more oomp. The solo at 1:18 is a bit pitchy at the start but later not anymore. The synth background thing is cool. The riff at 1:50 is nice. The part after that is nice, nice diverse riff. The drums at this part like 2:20ish is a bit heavy ont he snare though maybe for the part. 2:50 that fast riff is cool. Solo at 3:14 is also a bit pitchy at the start and some notes. I might be a bit too strict when it comes to "pitchy", but I'm the kind of guy that doesn't use a tremolo because he's bothered by the slight changes in pitch due to resonation so you'd best ignore this. I'm just pointing out. The outro is nice very atmospheric. The video and song really add up. I like the background harmonics and the whole atmosphere of that.

Solid production, solid playing and solid song. You have some good tone in your fingers, your sound, your playing sound, sounds kind of Petrucci-ish. The way he gives note that mid-crunch, semi wahlike property I kind of hear in your playing. Kind of hard to describe what I mean, but it sounds like that mid feel is coming from your playing rather then from your gear.Definitely killer right hand technique. Some of the lead pieces gave me more of a Maiden vibe at times. Some of the leads sound a bit pitchy though though, or maybe just out of key. Like at the start from 0:00 till 0:10 just sounds a bit off, after that it's fine. And when the harmony come sin at 0:22 it also sounds better. Perhaps it's the distance between that lead and the riffing too big? Like the emptyness between that, frequency-wise, makes the small pitchyness seem worse. Maybe when playing lead next time you could try tuning the guitar to those particular notes to make sure they are perfect. Not sure if you already did that, but if you don't that might be of help to make it more perfect. Perfection is ofcourse definitely not a necisity in music.

Production is good though. Somehow the guitar tone took a moment to settle in to me, like the first second I was like. "Wat is dis?" but after that it sounded good to me. Production glues everything together well. Drum sound fits prefectly too. It matches your guitar tone with it's more old-schoolish metal sound in contrast too most of the overly gained,compressed, distorted sounds of current modern metal. It's more lush and crunchy.

Sorry for the stream of consiousness wall of text. I hope something usefull's in there.

Pretty guitar by the way. I'm not ussually into stratocaster's but the simple white and black combination is pretty.
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