Hi Folks,

I am looking for some help finding a song book app. While there are plenty out there, every one that I have tried is fairly limited. Primarily I would like to use this for transcribing songs myself, and am not too interested in having one that has a pile of songs already done.

Does anyone know of one that is:
- versitile- I want it to be akin to a guitar scrapbook than a songbook. By that I mean I would like to be able to add in tabs, lyrics, strumming patterns, to just write chords, and also to be able to include any random notes I want to add, and to not be limited in how I do this by how the app is formatted.

- ideally with some kind of backup facility, so I wont lose it all if I get a new tablet.

- available on Android. I don't mind if it is free or not, as long as it does the business.

I really appreciate any suggestions you make. Thanks again!