Hey guys,

1. Recently replaced my old stereo-out drum setting with a multi-out drum setting. I want to update my old tracks with the better sounding multi-out but when I try to replace the channel strip, it doesn't get any of the auxilary mics from the multi out set up. The only setting that stays the same is the master drum track. Any way to fix this besides manually configuring the multi out for every song?

2. I'm making a concept album. While thinking about how to fix the above, I had the idea of putting all the songs into one Logic file since it is a concept album and they will run into each other. Am I better off putting them all in one Logic file or is that going to get too messy?
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1. Not sure, sorry

2. If you're competent with tempo track stuff then that will be a better plan, you can split them later in mastering.