Current equipment:
Trex mudhoney and a blackout effectors musket
carbon copy, a dd20
route 66
My guitar is a fender strat American standard and I have a fender blues junior (gold version).

I need modulation, univibe, pitch, reverb, whammy and some boost (maybe). sounds that are organic and analog sounding. I dont want to spend to much but I dont want to buy crap thats going to comprise sound quality. I want to buy a multi effects pedal board, which one would work well with my setup?
I already use software for recording, so it needs to be something that can work when I jam with people or something i can do both computer and jamming.
Why multi effects as opposed to individual pedals? It wouldn't be that expensive to add a few additional pedals, would probably cost the same as a decent MFX unit would.
not really, two decent pedals would cost me like $300 on there own. i dont have that much to blow it would end up being an extra 5 pedals i would prefer individual pedals but im more of hobby guitarist than a pro