The title of this thread is a local band from indy where i live. I wanted to share them with you all. Cause truthfully i think they have great potential and are slowly starting to get out there.

But i also want to see what you all think about them.

Sooo if you can look them up on youtube and tell me what you think.

I'm good friends with one of the members and thought id post this to try to help him further the band. Cause i know he really wants to see it go somewhere and hes been giving me tips on how to get my band jump started and keep everyone working together.
Your friend's band is gay, tell him the internet said that.

You might have more luck in the deathcore thread...or not.
Eh, not terrible, but nothing I'll be starring on Spotify. They might want a more SEO-friendly name if it's not too late (they named themselves after a Chelsea Grin song), but I didn't have too much trouble finding them, so whatever.