I want to start learning Bass. Currently I've got no experience playing any kind of stringed instrument, so I'm a newbie.

I like a lot of different musical styles from Metal to Blues, but probably later on I will mainly play metal and rock.

From the research I've done so far, I was thinking in obtaining a Ibanez bass. theoretically they will allow me to evolve for a while, will not fall apart easily, and I've heard that they were better suited for me compared to other brands since they had a slim neck and I don't have big hands.

From what I've seen, I was inclined to buy the GSR200L (I'm a lefty) or the SR300L. Recently I've found that Ibanez has a new entry line Bass the GSR180L. I don't know if it's any good or not.

What do you guys recommend? Is Ibanez a good choice for my musical style? Are these models any good?
I'm willing to spend on the bass up to 250€ (around $340 US)

Thanks for the help
you aren't going to go 'wrong' with any of the basses you listed, if at all possible try them out and try a few others within the price range, perhaps yamaha, squier or peavey. get a feel for what is out there and start building up your own preferences for the future.
well, the issue is a bit there in the testing part.
The shops here have very few to none lefty models available on the store itself. Most of the time they must be specially ordered from the supplier by the store.

From the 3 models I've spoke about, I've never seen any of them on store for example.
Yesterday I've seen that a store that I had checked a while ago now seams to have on its website the GSR200L for sale. Lets suppose that they have it on store to try, what should I exactly try to see?

I don't have any idea of what to do to see if a bass is good or not =/

PS: just found the GSR180L on another store much cheaper (208€ against the 280€ from the GSR200L) what is the main difference between the GSR180L and the GSR200L? does it justify the 72€ in difference?
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I have a 200 that I got used in a store for $99. I put flats on it and it's great.
At my lessons the teacher lets me use his 300 w/ 'normal' strings on it. It's a LOT lighter in the body which is why he got it - easier to wear for 3-5 hours than a heavier instrument.

I also have a yahama rbx 375 and am holding a friends peavey grind 6 string. the peavey is nice - but OMG is it heavy. it's a through neck and tons of sustain. It costs about the same as the yamaha RBX new and peavey basses get good reviews.

As to 'feel' - you're new and unless something is way out place they'll all feel the same to you. I played a rik 4003 and that stood out to me, feel wise. I played a schector through neck and I loved it. All the rest I've tried feel the same...music man, $1500 fender J's, etc.

I don't htink you'll go wring with any ibanez and new from a shop means it should come set up and with a warranty so no wondering if it's been abused or sold for not holding tune or the like you have with a used one.

Lessons will add up to more money that the instrument and amp anyway, so cost is sorta secondary (in the end)
Hi again. Between the 3 models spoken earlier I've decided to go with the SR-300L.
Unfortunately all music stores I've spoken to don't have it on stock and say they can't order because Ibanez is restructuring their European distribution (at least that's what I've been told)

One shop tried to see if there were any ESP LTD bases that would be similar, and apparently there are no LTD left handed B of F shape models (shame on you ESP...).
As such they have recommended me a Tanglewood REB 4 MBK LH.
I've never heard of Tanglewood. Are they any good?
I would have to wait for the SR-300L to be available again for ordering, but ignoring that, between the Rebel 4 and the SR-300L what would you chose?
I can't try any of those 2, so there's no easy way to see which one fits me the best...
Tanglewood basses aren't bad at all. The company clearly puts most of their effort into their acoustic instruments, but their Overwater bass in particular has a lot of fine features. I can only assume that the Rebel series is of similar quality. Oddly, their headstocks look a whole lot like those of Cort basses. If they are in fact just re-branded Cort basses, then that is good, as Cort makes a pretty nice electric bass.

Since your prices are listed in Euros, where exactly are you located?
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I'm in Lisbon, Portugal.
There are a lot of music stores in the area, but there are very few to none Left handed bass on the stores themselves.
If I want anything they must contact their distributor and order the item from them.

I've been seeing several brands trying to see what they have:
- Fender has a few models, but they're all vintage, and I'm not really into that.
- ESP I like some B and F models, but as far as I know doesn't have any lefty versions.
- Ibanez has the SR-300L that I like, but there's no prevision when their distribution changes will be over. Could be a month, could be 3.
- Yamaha has a few models, but I don't know anything about them (still doing some research on them)
- The Tanglewood was sugested to me, but since I've never heard of them I have some concerns regarding its quality. Regarding it's sound it's been hard to find some decent review on youtube. Perhaps with a little more digging I'll find something more useful.

And that's basically it from my research until now.