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6 15%
12 31%
Black Pete is racist
8 21%
Calzone can be good but is usually crappily made.
13 33%
Voters: 39.
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What is up with that stuff, Am I right??????

No but seriously, I've seen at least a hundred pass in the last week, and not one of them made me smile. And I usually start giggling at the slightest attempt at humour.

Therefore, discuss why they are horrible (or why you love them, you freak) or do whatever the hell you want. I'm not your mother, after all.
At first only a few of my Mexican cousins would post them starting quite a while ago and though it was some social media thing in Mexico. But lately people I know in the States have recently started to to pop them into my feed. I think they look pretty dumb, honestly.
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Had to google it because i had no idea what you're talking about.

Haven't seen those before, so i guess i have no opinion on them.
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they are pretty lame. i dont have a lot of people on facebook making them, its just one. but damn does he make a lot.
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I don't get it. Am I supposed to say "Yes" if I hate them or "No" if I hate them?

Because I hate them.

I would suggest doing whatever your heart tells you to do.
I've seen 1 that I lol'd at.... and my news feed is covered in the shite
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My heart told me to vote "Black Pete is racist."

Is he, though?
Most involve inside jokes from the person making them. Unless you know the context of course they aren't funny.

Although Gibson_SG_uzr55 in a bikini was fucking hilarious.
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Calzone's are good but just give me the 'Za man.
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Most of the ones I've seen are super lame. I guess they might be neat to the people directly involved, but I'm assuming most other people don't care about the ones that don't involve them directly.

I made Facebook block them from my Newsfeed.
I don't find them annoying or anything. There's plenty of other cool stuff on my newsfeed. I do remember a few that were particularly funny.
Yeah I've only seen a couple, but as has been said in this thread, they're usually going to be personal jokes about the people involved which is probably why you think they're shit.
I've laughed at a few my friends have made.

Also mpeg has some good stuff:

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They'rs so ****ing annoying
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You guys obviously aren't that popular on facebook >_>

I dont even have facebook m8
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I dont even have facebook m8

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They keep showing up on my feed even after I've said to hide all posts from them.
I only vaguely know what this is cause there was something in the paper about people getting annoyed by being spammed through it.

I've only ever had calzone from one place and it's a really good pizzeria I regularly go to. I can't even conceive what a 'bad' calzone would be like.

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I've only ever had calzone from one place and it's a really good pizzeria I regularly go to. I can't even conceive what a 'bad' calzone would be like.

Too much dough, soggy tomato sauce, lack of variety of ingredients or too much ingredients, some dude blowing its nose in it...

It can be horrifying in many ways.
They're ****ing obnoxious and never funny. 99% of the time it's just an inside joke between 2 or 3 people. Why do you have to share it with everyone you know? Nobody gives a shit.
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It's a bit of harmless fun i think, i can't get it on my phone, so i can't take part. It does get a bit annoying when i see about ten in a row on facebook, but i can think of things that annoy me more on there.

The only thing i have against it is people posting inside jokes on a public medium, but then again that is because the act itself is annoying whether it's on bitstrips or whatever else.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
"Hey guys, you know what would be really funny? If we took an inside joke only we get and put it into the form of a comic on facebook for everyone to see!!!"
No facebook. No problem.
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