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Clip 1
1 33%
Clip 2
2 67%
Voters: 3.
Not exactly a crit thread, rather, I need an opinion as to which clip has less of that "there is something wrong here, but I can't make out what" feel to it, specifically from 2:05 onwards. Not a question about the mix, just gut feeling. Made a poll to make it easier for you guys, just vote the better clip just the section from 2:05 to 2:35 or so.

Clip 1-


Clip 2-

I voted Clip 1. The piece you're talking about just sounds, i dunno, more harmonic to me.

In the second clip that same piece has something unsettling to it, although it's not very prominent. Not that it's bad by any means, but it has that "I can't put my finger on it, weird thing" going on.

personal taste I guess though.

Cool track btw, I totally dig that ambient stuff

Good luck dude!
Glad you liked it

Damn it, I don't get it, suspended chords just sound plain weird on my guitar, always slightly off tune sounding, especially when I put VST synths along with it the intonation is perfectly fine, but any sort of weird chord with distortion sounds buggered up. I tried cleaning up that off tune ness with a pitch shifter in the second clip, looks like it did squat

I need a better guitar