So I'm looking for a new amp. I have a budget of £750 (I think thats around $1200). I really don't want to stretch any further than that though. I play stuff from metal (Opeth, Metallica, SOAD) right back to classic rock (Beatles, Floyd, Zeppelin). For me getting a good metal tone is slightly more important than a good classic rock tone but ideally I'd like an amp that can do both. Also if it can do bedroom volumes that would be a bonus but I guess it's not essential.

Amps I've been considering are the Laney IRT60 and Orange TH30 but I can't really decide between the two and then I'm sure there's a whole bunch of amps I haven't even considered yet.

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Well; I am not sure what is available in your neck of the woods, and price-wise, it seems like everything sold in the U.K. gets slapped with a big, fat VAT to jack up the price. The Laney Ironheart got a few very good reviews in the trade publications, and not just for its metal tones. I'd say look at Blackstar's HT series, but if they are as pricey over there as they are here, then it might not be an option.
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