I tried covering my fretboard with stickers but it still felt the same. when I play its all robotic and i want to get this thing that has become a habit of sorts to **** off outta my brains.
I think you have to be abit more specific with what your problem is, atleast if you want a good answer.
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I think I get what you're asking. Are you looking for a way to break out of traditional scales and positions?

If so, I would recommend you to learn to play more vertically instead of horizontally. Most starting guitarists will improvise in the pentatonic minor scale, for instance in the cube of the 5th and 7th fret when playing in the key of A. But it's equally as important to master the same notes in different positions on the guitar. For instance, instead of playing a "5" on the 3d string, you could play a "10" on the 2nd string. Experiment with this and you will soon realise that there really aren't that many 'wrong' notes. The fretboard can seem intimidating as there are more than 100 frets, but remember that there are only 12 different notes that just repeat over your neck.

To bring more variaty in your playing, use "in-between notes" as well. Don't blindly follow the traditional scales but use your own ear to decide for yourself which notes sound good together. For example, while it is technically frowned upon to play a 6th fret on the 2nd string when playing in the key of A, Black Sabbath used this dissonant note in first track of their first album and made history doing so. A famous quote comes to mind: "There are no wrong notes, only the look on your face."

Hope you find this helpful in finding a way to express your creative ideas. Peace!
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Stop playing. Seriously, put down the guitar and step away from it. Go in to another room and think about the sounds you want to make. Once you know what you want to sound like, try and get that out of the guitar rather than just sitting and running the same stuff over and over.
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Also stop looking at your guitar when you're trying to answer the question of "what should I play next?" and start listening to it instead.

Getting rid of those daft stickers should be the first thing you do.
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As for the fretboard, 9 of those stickers covered the first 9 frets( they only fitted up to 9). It was just something I did. Theyre gone now (except from the body) thank you
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