so i found this on my dads basement, its a Crestwood fender esque bass, its al full of dirt, dry mud, and its missing some screws. How can i restore it to its old glory? What do you recommend?
A complete dis-assembly and cleaning first. Take the strings off, take the neck off, see if you can get rid of the grime from the fretboard. Light sanding shouldn't hurt anything. Next, take off the pickguard, and same thing, clean it like mad. See where you are after that. Make sure the neck is straight. you should be good to go. Maybe overhaul the electronics, all new wire, caps and knobs. Hardware is probably ok, but you may want to take the opportunity to put some new stuff on there. You don't have to break the bank to make it playable again.
I did the same thing with an old Sears Harmony strat years ago. It's one of my regular players now.
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