Hey all

I'm having trouble with the unison bends in Mastodon's 'Seabeast' around 3:10 in the song.

D: 12-----------------------12-------------------------
A: 15b----------------------15b-----------------------
F: ------------------------------------------------------ -
C: ----------14-------------------------14-------12---


I've been muting the other strings with my palm and using my middle and ring finger to bends the notes, but i end up bending the static note too. I'm thinking of bending from the wrist but need some pointers on getting that technique down

Edit: It's a two note bend unless i'm mistaken, which is why it's so hard on my fingers xD
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I have also had a problem with these bends on Seabeast for months. The problem is you can't use all 3 fingers like normal, you have to keep your index finger stationary, so you can only use your other 2 fingers, so it's tough to get it perfect .

BTW, the 2nd bends are on the 10 fret on the A string and you fret the high D string on the 7th fret. That's how Brent plays it.

I can play all the rest of the song OK, just these parts mess me up.