About a year ago I bought myself a Bugera 333xl and fell in love with it. Till a few days ago I turned it on and all the lights went on but it wasn't making any noise. I turned all the volume knobs to max and barely anything was coming out. I changed out all the tubes in it but nothing's changed. I've also noticed that when I turn it on, i's been getting a lot hotter than usual and there's a burning smell. Anybody have any idea on what the problem could be?
Bugera is notorious for soldered stuff coming loose off the pcb's inside. Machine soldered and all. Crack it open and see if there's anything floating around.
That is why i stay far away bugeras.

Send it back on warranty if possible.
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Bugera are shit.

The one I bought a few years back had shitty tube sockets/wiring and would feedback terribly. Not worth the time.

Complained and got myself a Marshall worth $200 more and never had any issues
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Yep Bugeras suck.
I have a 333 I put away over a year ago and it was working. took it out last week to trade it in on a guitar, no sound at all. Open it up and a blown V1 12ax7 so I replaced it. Still nothing. WTF.

check the internal fuses, send it back if you can.
get rid of the thing
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