So recently I started a band with my friends, we have casual jam sessions and stuff and it's all good fun but the thing is, we have two vocalists. I've been doing vocal for two years and a small bit of cello and piano on the side, but very little experience in guitar. However, I was thinking that I should probably start it since we have no rhythm guitarist and I don't mind being rhythm guitar/backup vocals.

The thing is, where do I begin to learn rhythm guitar? Is it just the same as learning lead guitar? If anyone could direct me to a bunch of free tutorials that would be amazing.

Also, jumping the gun a bit here, but along with rhythm guitar, I'd really like to learn fingerstyle someday, are there any recommendations for that as well or is it too soon?

Guitar is guitar, just start at the beginning - ideally go find a teacher.
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Well if you have played another instrument, the music "theory" part shouldn't be difficult (you need theory for everything, though many people ignore it, saying "Hendrix couldn't read music"), but for things like where your guitar has to rest, or if you're wondering whether "there's too much space between your fingering hand and the back of the neck" you need a teacher to clarify that stuff, or you need to ask the other guitarist. But Hendrix was self taught. But there's only one Hendrix.
But I switched from the violin to the guitar, and it wasn't too hard (and I am self taught), but at the same time, lots of my friends are guitarists.