Hey guys!

I've been a member of this forum for about 5 years now. However, I stopped regularly playing guitar around 2010, so I forgot most stuff. However, last year (september 2012) I joined a university music group where I play mandolin and mess around a little bit on classical guitar.

Here's the thing. I want to get back to playing electric guitar. I do have the motivation for it and I am much more mature and patient now than 5 years ago. Besides that, thanks to being in the music group, I have some music theory knowledge and basically know how music "works" better than when I was younger.

With this said, let me say that I have a PRS SE Singlecut and a tube amp.

From where should I start from here? I've already seen a couple of threads on this sub-forum (especially The Shred's exercises compilation) but I could use a little bit of orientation to start. I basically want to advance through techniques progressively so that I can be able to play most stuff in the long-term (from melodies to shred).

So can you suggest me songs or, preferably, exercises that I can start practicing to relearn things like alternate picking, sweep picking, arpeggios and things like that?

TL;DR: Suggest exercises for someone that knows some guitar things but wants to develop an all-around strong "basis" to be able to play everything from melodies to shred, in the long-term.

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Take songs you like that contain the elements of your playing you want to improve and practice them. If you want to learn sweeping, learn take a song that you like that uses sweeping and learn that.

Transcribe songs by ear. Practice improvising by thinking of the sounds first instead of noodling in scale shapes, imagine melodies and lines in your head and try to get them out on the guitar.

Practice slowly, making sure that you are your movements are as minimal as they can be. Relaxed, accurate and clean practice is the way to go.
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