I'm no expert on the topic... But I think that what you want are some studio monitors. Those speakers you suggested are all rounders not specifically aimed at what you want to do. I'm sure they would get the job done for some bedroom practice though while still being appropriate for all your other needs. Monitors will just be better for guitar tones I think.

Someone may correct me.
You need a recording interface and studio monitors.

Unfortunately, that's going to cost 10x as much.
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That said, I use guitar rig through my PC speakers every now and then. It works fine for me and gets the job done. That's even without a recording interface, just using the line in on my motherboard (I think my active pickups help me a bit here). As ghetto as it gets but it is certainly no replacement for an amplifier.

If you're going to take it seriously and are happy to invest money into using a virtual amp then get an input box and a good set of headphones if monitors are too dear.