Take a look at this baby:

That, is my latest flea-market find: a 1980's Westone Pantera x390PW deluxe, made in the Matsumoku factory. From what i've been told, she's one of only 96 x390's made. of those only a quarter or so were white, and of those only a handful had the Bendmaster deluxe bridge (and the guys on the westone forum had never seen one before). Not that the bridge is great, but oh well.


25 1/2" , 24 fret scale

Looked like a neck through, but is a 'bayonet style set neck" from what I've read. not entirely certain what that means, personally, but the heel feels like a neckthrough -- nothing in the way at all. It's actually easier to reach the upper frets on this than on my Gibson Vs.

Came from the factory push-pull coil tapped, wired to the middle (tone) knob. bottom (other tone) knob is a phase switch.

She's an incredibly versatile guitar. The humbuckers are tight and loud, solid for metal but with a little fiddling in the tone and volume knobs, and your amp settings It'll simmer down enough to fit classic rock and blues pretty well. Coil tapped the cleans are bright, clear and warm. The phase switch is... interesting. Never gave much thought to a phase switch on a guitar before and frankly, I don't know what to do with it, but it's there.

The bridge isn't awful. There's no lock at the bridge-end, it's a regular string through and it's solid enough. unfortunately there are parts missing from the strange locking nut, but I should be able to make replacement shims, and some guys on the forums make replacement lock plates for it.

all in all, I'm very, very happy with my new toy, and the kicker is: we snagged it for just $30

More pics in the post below.

EDIT: $30? awesome
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That thing looks barely touched!

Even if it played like crap, it would make a beautiful wall hanger as-is!

Nicely done!
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assuming the bridge works well, rewire, new pups, setup job, perhaps locking tuners, i would rock that.
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