A few days ago I spotted this, Im a fan of Slash so I had to get it.
This guitar was made in Korea in 2001, its in very good condition, plays really well and sounds great as well. The neck is nice and thick and the fretboard is very well made, no buzzing, no notes fretting out, plenty of sustain.

The pick ups I have no idea what they are but they sound great and what I like about them is that they clean up nicely using the volume knobs on the guitar. They are not as "hot" as the alnico pro II's in my other Slash sig but they can bite.

Compared to the epiphone gold top signature I would say this one is better and feels much more like a Gibson than an epi, its pretty heavy but I like that... you can really feel it in your hands.

I love the finish although that snake can look a bit cheesy lol...

And here is a pic.