I want to buy an electric guitar

Ive seen guitars with
1. single coil pickups
2. two humbuckers
3. both 1 humbucker and 1 single coil
4. 2 hum and single coil
5. 2 single and 1 humb

Could someone explain how each kind differs in terms of music quality and type of music they are used for?

Its a bit confusing for me

What kind of music are you interested in by the way? If you're into metal that kind of rules out single coils for example...
The above statement is false.

All pickups are useful for different things. Humbuckers are called humbuckers because they tend to get rid of the traditional hum associated with single coil pickups. Single coils tend to have a thinner, brighter sound to them whereas humbuckers tend to have a fat, deep sound. You can get a heavier sound from humbuckers.

I find single coils to be more useful and better sounding in a neck fitting. My Fly Mojo, Solo-6, and Viking I all have humbuckers with "coil tapping", which allows them to have both options available at the the push/ pull of a knob (tone knowb for the Fly, volume knobs for the Solo-6), or flick of a switch for the Viking I. I don't usually have the "coil tapping" activated when using my bridge pickup, but rather my neck pickup.

Too much distortion can make a single coil pickup sound pretty bad, so usually high distortion is used with humbuckers.

As far as what music types they are used for - I would say that most of the time, metal uses humbuckers, but that's not to say that they aren't still useful for metal.

Hope this helps.
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massive overgeneralisation, but humbuckers are normally better for heavier music, single coils for lighter.

if it has a bridge humbucker, you're normally set for heavier stuff (if the guitar is solid-bodied).

then it's just a matter of what other pickups you like and need- a combination of humbuckers and singles gives you a lot of versatility if that's what you need, for example.
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