Hey guys I have a mexican strat and I want to upgrade my pickups because I feel it would be a big improve on my tone and all that jazz. I was thinking about buying Fender's custom shop 69's! I play blues mostly - SRV, Clapton, Page & Hendrix - and I play a bit of jazz too, so would those pickups suit my style? By the way I feel like my pickups that I have now, the original ones, make my high e string sound weak or thin. So that's one of the major concern other than that I can "live" with its tone but after watching this video I was convinced about the 69's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW9mklrC92A

but I'd like to make sure before buying anything and the comments below the video weren't encouraging, so any suggestion will be taken into account thanks!

ps: I also love John Mayer's tone in his live version of Bold as Love!
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