Does anyone know about these? I know there's a factory in Korea called Samick, and there's Cort and Schecter and basically all of these guitars that are somehow related, I guess... But there's also a brand called Samick, and I was wondering what the quality is like.


Here's one example of a Samick that I think looks pretty cool. But are they decent guitars? Or cheapo junk? I don't know very much about Korean brands or quality, aside from LTD and Epiphone.
Samick is an extremely large musical instrument company that produces perhaps 70% of the world's guitars through its various factories. It owns a piece of a lot of different musical instrument companies, including a chunk (currently 32%) of Steinway, a hunk of Bechstein and more. They now have a 200,000 square foot plant in Tennessee for their US operations. They make a lot of the guitars that you know under different names.

Samick isn't just a Korean brand. In fact, they're building a lot of their guitars in Indonesia (Cileungsi, near Bogor) these days. Greg Bennett is one of their in-house brands (they did produce some guitars with the Samick brand name, but you'll more often see them as Greg Bennett or J.T. Riboloff, etc.). Not cheapo junk, and if you know LTD and Epiphone, you know their quality <G>.
Samicks are very solid for the price.

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I've noticed the greg bennett Samicks are extremely cheap. I've been looking for a solid LP-style guitar, and these Avions run about $200. I'm a little cautious of the no-name pickups, but they seem pretty nice.
Samick, like Cort, manufactures a lot of other brands guitars and their own guitars tend to be pretty good bang for the buck. You may get a equal quality guitar for bit cheaper than equivalent big-name brand but dont expect miracles. You get what you pay for.

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