So Im trying to put Gross Beat by imageline into Cubase ai 6 and Im pretty sure Ive done it right. I placed the Gross Beat dll. file into my Cubase VST folder and its not coming up. Anyone have any idea of what could fix this?
this might sound a bit harsh but is it a torrented or illegal version of it? Or did you buy it legit?
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psh...who buys anymore?

If the VST was downloaded illegally, why should anyone help you? UG doesn't support pirating, and (especially with all the free VSTs offered out there) the members of the recording forum aren't too big on it either.

On the other hand, if the VST is offered free, then people may be able to help you.
I agree with crazysam.
You're attitude tells me you have no business making music if you do not respect the tools.