Hi guys what's up?

I'm trying to find songs that help recognizeme seventh chords (at least for this ones)

Maj7 (R - M3 - P5 - M7) =
7 (R - M3 - P5 - m7) =
-7 (R - m3 - P5 - m7) = Breathe by Pink Floyd
- (maj7) (R - m3 - P5 - M7) = I think that Us and Them (Pink Floyd) has this one, they played in an arpeggio
-7b5 (or half diminished) (R - m3 - b5 - m7) =
°7 (R - m3 - b5 - b7) = With this one I don't found much of a problem cause it sounds like a diminished, but it would be nice to have examples

When I have to hear with kind of chord is it, I usually go by the sensation that produces me, and I think that's way I hear better the °7, -(maj7) and sometimes Maj7.

Cheers and thanks for any help.
Just about any Blues or Jazz or Raggae song probably will use 7th chords. Jazz is more likely to use maj7, min/maj7, m7b5, and dim7 than most Blues or Raggae. Blues and Raggae tend to use min7 and straight 7 (R M3 P5 m7) chords and maybe maj7.
Yeah I know that but clear examples with those would be great.

Supersonic by Oasis has one I think. (7 chord)
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Yeah check out some blues songs, I know Robert Johnson's Love in Vain Blues has them, as do the majority of blues songs that aren't just soloing.