Hey guys,

I recently wrote some songs for my band and this is the latest one I came up with.
Anyhow, I feel that the song has not been pushed to its limits yet, so I was wondering if anyone of you has some hints or ideas.

C4C if you wish.

hi , i listened to this in gp6 and it sounded pretty badass , nice intro , like it when the drums come in , verse in the same but i imagine with lyrics this doesn't matter , bridge also isnt that different but again it doesn't really matter since its decent enough to make it work.

love your refrain , this is where the song gets a bit of change and some nice dynamics.
i expected more new stuff after this but it goes back again to the verse , and the uberleitung from refrain to verse doesnt really work for me.

bar 101 nice but dont like those drums , just a personal thing.
109 : awesome stuff , love the tapping

again the change from 3/4 to 4/4 is kinda meh after this , i see you have trouble with that but thats ok you will learn eventually if you keep writing.

to much is overused and there is little variation and you use the same parts to much imo and thus there is now real pregression in your song , though lyrics might change this.


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