This is just a little something that I threw together last night during my three hour composition class. I'd love some feedback, and I'll be sure to return the favor!

Day glow please take me home
Across the rolling green hills where breath
steams from rosy cheeks as the golden leaves of
Autumn fall down, down, down

The sun will be checking out soon
For the lonely, lonely, moon
Chilled to the bone, but my heart it beats so warm
As I look out across the dawn

The dawn of a new time
Though history stands on rewind
Learning from the past's mind
But never slow to bust a rhyme

Fall is falling away now, a long, long way down
I'll meet it there cause I'm lying on the ground
With my back to the land and my head in the clouds
Chasing hopes, and dreams, and girls
Around, and around, and around

The air is cold but my mind is high
As I watch the scenes of life roll by
Yes, the seasons do change to enrich our lives
Be my autumn wind, and I'll be your summer sky
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