Looking to sell my half-stack comprised of a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 All tube, 50 watt head, and an Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 slant cab with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.
Looking to sell both together.

The halfstack is in Mint, if not New condition.
The halfstack has been kept stored and not in use. It was purchased to be used with my band for live playing, but that never came to be as we broke up soon after.
All original stickers/tags, owners manual/documentation included.

Specs for the Mesa head:
Hand built in Petaluma, CA
Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
2 Fully Independent Channels with 4 Style Modes
Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Master and Contour Controls per Channel
Footswitchable Variable Contour Control on each channel
All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb
All-Tube FX Loop
3 Button Footswitch Included
High Quality Speaker Cable also included

The amp also has a switch in the back that lets you select between a 5 watt class A operating mode and a 50 watt class A/B mode, which comes in handy as this amp can get pretty loud in the 50 watt mode. The 5 watt setting allows you to crank the amp up loud, get the tubes nice and hot and get the most tone out of them possible, without pissing off your whole block!

The Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 is a very versatile head. It is capable of producing pristine clean tones all the way through to that tight crunchy Mesa distortion that the Rectifier series is known for.
It is a 2 channel, 50 watt, all tube head, each channel with its own separate eq.
For an additional range in tone, each channel comes with a toggle switch that allows you to select between 2 distinct modes.

-Channel 1 allows you to select between the "Clean" mode for a crystal clear jazz-like tone that rings. The second mode being "Crunch" allows you to dial in a heavy blues, light rock-ish tone, up to a more rock n' roll/hard rock or punk style driven tone. All tone coming from the head, stock, with no pedals or overdrive.

*Each of the 2 modes can be tweaked using the channels eq.

-Channel 2 is where this amp keeps its balls!
First comes "Blues" mode for that signature "bluesy" breakup tone.
Now if your looking to headbang amongst the metal gods then "Burn" is the mode your looking for.
In this mode the amp lets all its gain loose, and with just the amp's equalizer you can dial in a very tight, distorted, metal tone that can keep up with just about any style of metal. At peak gain settings the amp is very reminiscent of Mesa Boogie's Rectifier series. The Express 5:50 supports the use of effects pedals via and all tube FX-loop, and also works great paired with an overdrive/distortion running through the front.

If that's not enough parameters to play with!
The amp also comes with a footswitchable all tube spring reverb and a footswitchable contour setting that act's like an entire eq in 1 knob!
From the Mesa Boogie web site:
"Each channel is further equipped with its own Contour depth control for added shaping that's both assignable and footswitchable. Used subtly, Contour adds a halo of depth and chime to gleaming clean sounds. Higher Contour settings, especially in Crunch and Burn, take you into Recto™ turf, tight, huge and menacing. "


The Egnater 4x12 Cabinet specs are:
Celestion Vintage 30 Loaded
Rugged Birch Construction
Metal Handles, Metal Corners and Rubber Feet
Supports Detachable Casters
Patent Pending Automatic Impedance Sensing

The Egnater Tourmaster 4x12A cabinet is built like a tank! Solid and heavy.
Comes 4 with industry standard, official Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.
The Mesa Express head and Tourmaster cab make a great pair, loaded with 4 professional quality speakers, it will make full use of the head's potential.

What else is there to say!
If your looking for a professional quality guitar amp setup then look no further.
Hand built and Hand wired in the United States, Mesa Boogie produce professionally crafted products that will last a lifetime with care.
This is a great opportunity to own a piece of gear capable of producing a wide range of tones.
Mesa Boogie created a monster with this one, being priced affordably compared to all of their other products and taking into consideration everything that this amp is capable of.

I am looking to sell the halfstack as a whole, would be a shame to separate them.
Cant really work too much magic on the price, but feel free to send me a message if interested, Im open to helping ya out if I can.

I am located on the east coast of the Unites states, Connecticut to be exact.
I am asking for $1400 USD

mesa_express550_head - Copy.jpg