Stumbling through this so far, so hope I'm at the right place.
55 & took up guitar about 3 1/2 yrs ago. Have 2 electrics & 1 acoustic. Really enjoying it but I know there's a lot more to learn. Looking forward to benefiting & hopefully contributing to this site in the future. Thanks, Mike
Hello Mike, I've just joined, but I'm far, far, younger than you at a sprightly 54. I started playing about 25 years ago, but after a 20 year layoff I'm picking it up again accompanied by my 10 year old son. He has a Gibson, I can only afford an Epi, such is life. The great thing is that he seems to appreciate some of the classic 70s rock I still sadly listen to. Lets hope this site gives him hope for a more contemporary palette.
Regards Kevin