Hello there, good samaritan and hopefully knowledgaeble person!
I need some help restoring my beloved guitar to working order.

Alright, so I've noticed this the past few days and after lots of google searches I've decided to post here. (Apologies if this isn't the right forum, I've never asked any technical questions here before)

So on my guitar, the treble strings (mainly the high e string) sound dead. The high e sounds perfectly fine when played open and on the higher frets (12-24) but the further I go down the fretboard it gets progressively worse. It loses volume, sustain, any form of sound whatsoever until all I'm left with is a scratchy thud.

Again, this problem is most noticeable on the high e string but it also occurs on the b and g strings (just not as severely).

This is a constant problem, it happens whether its plugged into an amp, a computer or unplugged, distortion or clean. It's always there.

The bass strings appear to be fine.

So that's my problem as detailed as I can describe it, I will now go on to list the different specs that I would think may help you figure out this problem.

My guitar:
Laguna LE200GMS
here is a link

All parts and pieces are the same ones that the guitar had when I bought it, except of course, for the strings which are:
Ernie Ball, Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom, Nickel Wound
here is a link

The strings are about a month old, and the guitar was recently "fixed up" by Guitar Center themselves. (They put new strings on it even though I specifically said not to put new strings on it (Cost me an extra $11.50))
So the guitar is like new because they did all the stuff they do to it. The only reason I took it in was to get a new screw for my pickups because one of mine went missing.
How? I have no idea, one day it was there and the next it wasn't.

So that should be everything you need to know (that I can think of right now) to help me out.
I am also thinking of making a quick little video showcasing the problem so can see exactly what's going on.
Don't expect that to be up until tomorrow, probably 24 hours (depending on how sucky my internet decides to be).

One last note, helpful stranger.

While I have owned and played guitar for the past two and a half years, I never bothered to learn all the technical jargon and terminology that you probably use, being the guitar genius that you are.
Yes, I know all the basic to intermediate knowledge of the guitars anatomy, but I would much appreciate it if you spoke to me as if I was a toddler.

Point things out and such, don't just reference saddles and poles and nuts and truss rods and the like without giving me some sort of context to know what you are talking about.

Now, (first of all thanks for taking the time to read through all that) expect that video to be up within the next day and thanks again for all your help dear internet guitar mechanic.

Feel free to ask any further questions.
sounds like the neck is back bowed ..

And possibly the action at the bridge is a little low on the trebel (E, B, G) side.
try raising the bridge a little on the high e side.

It could be a multitude of things that is the problem and neck relief, bridge height and high fret(s) is my first thought without seeing the guitar
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So as it turns out the bridge was just too low on the treble side. I raised it a bit and its as good as new.

Thanks two people who answered!!!