I'm going to buy this gibson sg standard 2010 from a guy the day after tomorrow.
I'm pretty shure its a real deal, but I'd like to know your opinion:

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Looks legit. Except for the finish, it's exactly the same as my 2010 SG regarding looks and parts. Stellar condition also.
Guitar Info
Your guitar was made at the
Nashville Plant, TN, USA
February 26th, 2010
Production Number: 107

That is what the serial number returns.

It also looks like it has the "Made in the USA 2010 Model" stamped under the serial. I see 2010 but not the rest of that stamp. I know mine says "Made in the USA 2013 Model" there. I am not too sure what they put there in 2010.
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The first line in the G and the last in the N should be in line with the intside of the tuning pegs. That's one good sign that it's real.

These counterfeiters normally **** up the logo.