UPDATED: Video posted ^

So i ordered a small stone which was giving me trouble so I returned it for a 100. I've noticed some nasty phasing of the amp hum from the amp when I am not playing.

I this common with all phase pedals?

When I went to a music shop last weekend I didn't notice any issue with any phasing on the amp hum while I wasn't playing.

I loved the small stone, but it was cutting out occasionally and had some issues on the color setting similar to this MXR phase 100.

I had to purchase this one online because the 100s are generally not carried in store. Is this just an inherent flaw in many phasers?

I'm going to test out the phaser with my small solid state (opposed to the tube) and with my LP (opposed to the strat) tomorrow.
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I found the 100 to be relatively quiet. See how it works on the other amp and let us know. Could be better with the LP, singles can be noisy
So I tested out the pedal again this time:

Alone with my solid state ( in contrast to my tube amp)

with my Stratocaster and my Les Paul.

Now I know that it's not:

1. the pedalboard

2. amp

3. or guitar.

I believe this swooshing/phasing of amp hum while playing may just be inherent with certain phasing types.

I DID NOTICE, it's only present on two of the four settings (the ones that appear be more oblong).

Is it bearable in the other two settings? I believe it would vary from person to person. I'm going to pick up a 9v battery tomorrow and see if it's the power supply. It's possible in a full set (with an entire band and the volume cranked) it wouldn't be noticeable to the audience. I'll ask on Sunday when I jam with a group if they find it annoying.

I might post a video as well. Again this is a swooshing/phasing sound of the amp hum while I'm not playing. I don't know if this is inherent in many phase pedals.