Hey UG. I'm new here so go easy on me.

I'm planning to buy a new guitar and I've been researching for some while and I found ibanez rg370dxz with an edge zero 2 trem. What do you guys think about it?

I've been playing for 2 years and I listen to death metal bands like Death, Obituary, deicide, autopsy, morbid angel and bands like that.

Also are there other guitars which you guys think are good and come for the same price? They need to have be double locking though.

BTW I'm from Nepal (yeah Nepal! Greetings from Nepa!l) so its almost impossible to find good "used" guitars and also don't post about guitars from an obscure brand since shipping costs as much as buying a brand new peavey vypyr 15 watt amp.
Also what amp do you guys suggest? I'm stuck between peavey vypyr 15 and laney 20 watt solid state (forgot the model)
TBH none right now. I was broke. I usually borrowed my cousin's gear and those were:
Ibanez rg550
Marshall mg50 I don't know the exact model maybe mg50dfx or something.
Digitech death metal pedal.

He sold his gear right after he got a job.
The edge trem is pretty stable as far as I've heard. Looks like about $600 US. You can find plenty in that range. Schecter has a lot of good stuff around there, too. The Damien Elite may be pretty comparable.
Don't know how hard it is to come by them in Nepal, though.
Probably go with the Vyper Amp. As I understand, they are pretty good modelers, and work great for gainy metal on a budget.
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I'm gonna say you should check out the Ibanez S series, I prefer them over the RG's and they have a much more reliable trem system than the Edge-Zero II
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Yeah definitely check out the S series. I have an S420 and the trem is nice and smooth.

For amps, consider the Roland Cube series, especially if you play metal.


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