Hey guys. I got an ibby RG350DX wired in HSH.

The problem i have is that whenever i switch to my 1st switch position (bridge humbucker) my output drops significantly. All the other positions are working fine, including the bridge-middle one. I'm using a dimarzio evolution on the bridge, if that matters.

The problem started today and hasn't reappeared in the past.

Can someone tell me what is wrong(getting the strings out is a pain since i have a floyd...)? My guess is the wire for the second coil got disconnected. Am I wrong? It also seems that the tone pod affects it way more than it does on the other positions...

Thanks in advance .
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Quote by Invader Jim
Did you alter the wiring right before it started or did it just randomly happen after working fine for a while?

I didn't alter anything. It's been working for a month (since I changed the pickup) and now i have this problem...
Weird. I've neverd heard of this happening before.

Have you tried wiggling the switch when it's in the 1 position? Wiggle and rapidly turn the volume pot? Reflowed the all solder joints to see if any failed over time? Check to make sure there's nothing touching the dag coating in the control cavity?
I don't mean to sound patronising, but is there any chance you're actually getting nothing from the bridge at all, even in position 2? You really need to open it up and look for loose connections :\

Edit: You should be able to block the trem with something like a 9V battery, then just relax the strings without taking them off.
Alright, so i opened it up!

MintSauce, I am getting sound from the bridge on the second position. Tested it by touching the poles.

As I said, I opened it up and found nothing loose. Also, Invader, your solution did work though it started again after 30 seconds or so. I checked the ground cable to see if it loose or anything and it's fine.

I don't know what to tell you guys. It's driving me nuts and I got a gig in a few days so that's the worst thing that can happen for me ATM. Anyways, if you got any ideas of what's going on then any help is appreciated. Thx .
Alright guys, sorry for bumping this but it seems I've found the problem DD.

I got my multimeter out and started measuring the resistance on my bridge pup, all while flicking the selector switch back and forth the 1-2 positions.

The following readings are for the bridge position.
The first time i got to measure it: 14~ kΩ
second time: same thing
3rd time: 2kΩ... WTF?!

It seems the selector switch is faulty... at least that's what I get by the readings... Please do tell me if I'm wrong. Thx .
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Selector switch might not be faulty.
Since the Evolution was dumped in--some solder "may" have dropped down and contacted some internals.
Take a good look and clean it up...if possible.
Oh, frack! But, I didn't say frack--I said "THE" word. The F-dash-dash-dash-dash word.