Looks like a Warlock bass, for sure. Probably some kind of ghost built custom BC Rich. Is that a trem I see on the bridge?
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Thanks Guys! I know that every once and a while he would use some non-Fender basses. Like that one Spector Bass that he used for the opening song (It's So Easy) at The Ritz in '88. But that was just in the early days of GN'R. He has also used other amplification (other than Gallien-Krueger). Because at that same show in '88, he used Trace Elliott amplification. I've seen him use different basses and amps but his main basses are Fenders and main amps are GK's. I was just looking at the BC Rich website and it looks like they no longer make the Warlock Bass in the pickup configuration on Duffs bass. Which is PJ. Duff always played basses (whether Fender or not) with PJ pickups.
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