I'm looking for a multi-effect unit, something versatile, and easy to use.

I've been set on the m13 for a while now, but I just found out about the nova system from tc-electronic.

I think the m13 has the nova system beat in both numbers of effects, and ease of use.
But is the quality of the nova system enough to beat out the m13 overall?

The filters and modulations are a big piece of why I was considering the m13, but the drives and some of the delays seem superior on the nova.

Also, I read that the m13 was designed with both bass and guitar players in mind, which is a bonus, is the nova comparable in that regard?

Thanks in advance for any input.
They're both very, very good. The dirt effects on the M13 are its weak point, but they're not stellar on the Nova either. It seems like those are the toughest thing to get right on these multi-effects units. The Nova has analog OD instead of the digital of the Line 6 but they still didn't satisfy me. I do think they're better than the M13s, though. The shortcoming of the Nova to me was that it felt like a watered-down version of the G-System, so sometimes I was left wanting a few more options.

The Nova has pretty much all the standard effects but the M13 has just gobs of effects that the Nova does not. The Nova has the standard effect and then a reasonable number of parameters. The M13 has multiple unique versions of each effect. For instance, on the Nova if you want chorus your only option is "Chorus." You have a number of tweaks (Speed, Tempo, Depth, Hi-Cut, Delay, Mix) but at the base it's all the same animal. On the M13 you have a CS-1 model, a Dimension chorus model, and a Leslie model, all with 5 adjustable parameters. The Nova chorus is very good, but the M13 has three distinct models with nearly as much tweakability on each one, and the sound quality is good on all 3. On top of that the M13 has a filter section that the Nova doesn't approach. Those are mostly out-there effects so you may not want or use them, but if you want some of the Mu-Tron, ambient, shoegaze type effects the M13 has an awful lot more of them.

I've spent more time with the M13 than the Nova but honestly I'd be pleased with either of them. I got the M13 because it was cheaper used than the comparable Nova unit, and it had a lot more sounds in it. The Nova does fewer things, but it does them very well and it would probably serve you just fine. As far as sound quality they're both stellar, no complaints about either beyond the distortion effects.
Personally I'd go with the Nova over the Line 6, but have you considered going for individual pedals? Like Roc said, drive is something multi effect units often struggle to get right, so if you need that then a multi may not be the right answer for you.

I like the mix I have with my OD & distortion coming from individual pedals before my amp, then modulation & delays coming from my Zoom G3 in the effects loop. FWIW, the Zoom probably isn't quite as good as the M series or Nova in terms of quality, but I prefered the controls.

If you like the Line 6, you could consider getting the M5/9 & whatever dirt pedals you need to create the sound you want.
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I would definitely go for the M13. There is just not enough in the TC, it seems very specialized. Like aimed toward the guys who would normally run a very small pedalboard, but want a digital unit.
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Eventually, the goal is to have a large assortment of individual quality pedals. Unfortunately, the time/money are limited and I'm not even sure what all I like. I had a me50 and an me70 and didn't really care for them. Then I found out about the m13 and later the nova system. If I can get an assortment of fairly quality effects in a relatively inexpensive and consolidated unit, that would be awesome. I am interested in a lot of the filters and modulations. I have a Jeckyl
/Hyde od/distortion pedal, and would probably switch channels if more dirt is needed, so the dirt section isn't as important.
Quote by Roc8995
Probably the M9 or M13, then.

Quote by dannyryan007
I had a me50 and an me70

Or move onto individual effects. You should be able to get a pretty good idea of what you like from those units.
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Quote by Roc8995
The Nova has analog OD instead of the digital of the Line 6 but they still didn't satisfy me.

I honestly prefer digital distortion over analog if the analog is a small solid state circuit to achieve it's distortion.

It usually depends on how well you program the distortion, or how well you plan out the distortion on a solid state circuit, but usually with programming you have a lot more headroom to make it sound better.

It really depends on the quality I guess, but I do find a lot more digital distortions closer to valve than solid states are.
Having used the M9 for a few months, I can say that it is really fantastic, but I found it a little too much sometimes. I didn't really think I was using the full capability of it, but it's a great unit, with it's dirt section being its weak point.
M13. You also get the added bonus of being able to use it in 4CM mode, which IIRC, the Nova can't do. Particle Verb on the M13 is excellent, and there are more delay options than the Nova. The Nova System is in definite need of an update real soon!
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