I've came across this some time ago, when a friend of mine taught me, does anyone know the name of it ? I tryed to find to some time, but couldn't figure it.

----------------------- 0-2

E something right ?sorry I'm too stupid to figure it out by myself, thanks
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Depends on the chords you are playing it over. As said in the post above, it could be C major, A minor (most likely either) or some of the modes. Though I don't like the term "starting with A" or "starting with E". It doesn't matter what note you start the scale with - I mean, a song in C major could start with E and you would definitely not be playing in E phrygian. The root note of the scale is what matters. And what the root of the scale is depends on the chords.
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E Phrygian if it resolves to E, but let's not make this about modes. We have stickies for a reason. Listen to AlanHB, he knows his stuff

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I was actually giving a pretty lazy answer. Maggara gave a better one, which is that it really depends on the key of the piece, which will dictate the root of the scale. If the root is A, it's the A minor scale. If it's C, it's the C major scale.

At this point I would just ignore modes. Get a handle on keys first.
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