So a Big Muff is next on my list for pedals and I can't decide between the two. I want a good fuzz that has a really nice bass and can get really fuzz but i also want it to be a lighter distortion/fuzz to get a Led Zeppelin tone.

I am looking for pedal that can achieve Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys, The White Stripes(Jack White), Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and some other bands that are similar.

I have a Boss DS-1 and a BD-2 and I can use those to get a Nirvana kind of tone. So i don't want anything to similar to those but I want something versatile.

I play a strat and a tele. I don't really want anything other than these two but if there is something under $100 dollars that is close and versatile I am open to new suggestions. I like the tone a big muff pi but I want to know if I can still get the same tone on the tone wicker model but with more options. I don't want to get the Tone Wicker if it is going to be very different from the original.

a muff is a much more modern, saturated type of tone. i'm not sure i'd want one for hendrix and led zep.

I haven't tried the wicker version so I can't help with which might be better.
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The tone wicker very similar to the standard one but with a switch to take the tone stack out and a switch to take the capacitors in the feedback loop to add more high end in the distortion. If you're gonna go for a muff I'd recommend going for the tone wicker.

For a hendrix sound I'd recommend a fuzz face, and for zepplin I'd recommend a tone bender. The muff will do pumpkins and jack white sounds pretty convincingly though as they've both famously used them.
For the bands you listed, I would actually get a Way Huge Swollen Pickle. The WHSP has the most perfect Smashing Pumpkins sound, and it cleans up well enough for 70's styles.
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Out of the two, I'd pick the original Big Muff. But JustRooster has the right idea. Swollen Pickle is very versatile. But you gotta play with it a bit to get what you want.
It's my understanding that a Muff isn't even truely a fuzz, but a distortion (albeit a fuzzy one).

Check out a Fuzz Face or Rangemaster!
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For the bands you listed, I would actually get a Way Huge Swollen Pickle. The WHSP has the most perfect Smashing Pumpkins sound, and it cleans up well enough for 70's styles.


In any case I would not get a muff. You want way too much versatility for what it will give you.
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I have the tone wicker one, its much more pedalboard friendly. That was they big selling point for me. And it sounds close enough to a standard big muff, I haven't had the opportunity to do a side by side comparison though