For sale or trade: Jtm-45 clone with half stack - trade for egnater renegade

Would like to trade my hand built jtm-45 clone for an egnater renegade (in any form, 2x12 combo preferred) the jtm is kt66 based with a mix of vintage pre tubes. It has an upgraded power supply and will run either a gz34 or 5u4 rectifier (I'll include both, rebias is necessary for swap though...) has a gorgeous head cabinet built by sourmash cabs. I'll also throw in an acoustic 4-12 cabinet, I bought it to load with better speakers but haven't gotten to it just yet (comes factory with some cheap celestions I think) Still sounds decent with some eq tweaking though. Uses great high quality build parts. I'll be glad to answer any questions. If you want to buy instead of trade, sale price is current renegade 2x12 price plus shipping. (Which isn't a bad deal for the amp and cab...) thanks!