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When I was first getting into guitar oriented music I would look up the top 100 best guitar solos of all time and I would listen to every single song on those lists. This introduced me to some great guitarists and great bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, and Deep Purple. Everything went well and here I am today, a music loving guitarist. But it wasnt until recently that I realized that there are plenty of awesome guitar solos that nobody knows about.

So pit, what are some of the uber awesome guitar solo gems that you have found over the years that would never make it onto a rolling stone top guitar solo list? Lets keep this in a manner that helps people find new awesome music to listen to.

Il start with three songs i hope all you guitar players have heard.
jazz fusion
Animals as Leaders - CAFO
Jason Becker - Altitudes

inb4 doesnt belong in the pit.
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
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nothing beats the Octavarium Razor's Edge solo

This does
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This does

Looks like this thread wont be taken seriously and will be an utter disaster...listening to this song...

i cant make smoke rings
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My favorite solo is when TS tokes it up and forms a smoke ring

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Looks like this thread wont be taken seriously and will be an utter disaster...listening to this song...

fine, here are two of my favorites.



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^these both totally rule. some of my other favorites:

^starts a little before a minute in

^starts around 2 and a half minutes in

and Comfortably Numb too but that might be a bit too obligatory.

This has always been my favorite David Gilmour solo. And PF literally changed the way I hear music, so I'd say this is definitely one of my favorites of all time. I can think of a ton of others that are just as great though, so it's really hard to pick just a few.

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Jason Becker isn't classical

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and Comfortably Numb too but that might be a bit too obligatory.

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Rock And Roll Machine. The most underrated, eclectic and inspiring solo I've ever heard. It's the one solo that would probably make you want to quit the guitar.

If the studio version can be found online, the solo is from 1:39 to 5:35.
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The Soliloquy solo from 2112 is ****ing amazing, easily one of my favourite solos. The whole passage sounds so passionate and the solo just makes it so damn perfect.

Tom Morello has some awesome solos in Rage and Audioslave for how simple most of them are. Songs like Freedom, Like a Stone and my favourite Morello moment, the solo in Wake Up, are all super easy but are perfect.

Also, not much of an unheard of song, but pretty underrated solo imo, So you can make fun of my taste in music
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mmmmm yes, havent listened to Guns in a long while...

Kobiba's SCOM cover is hard to beat, I think like it over the original, that tone is sick. It convinced me to play guitar. Definitely my favorite solo.
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The live intro to Californication performed at Slane Castle. Probably one of my favourite guitar pieces.
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Shotgunmerc knows wagwan, came in here to post Drive Home. I welled up somethin' fierce when I heard that live.

I was two rows in front of Guthrie when I went to see that show. I've never heard a better guitar solo in my life

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