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Boss SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer
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Digitech Whammy 5 Pitch Shifter
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hi. i'm a thread virgin here, so i hope it's all in order. I can't find an answer to this question anywhere... so... which do you think I should put first: Boss SYB-3 Synthesizer or Digitech Whammy 5?

I'm big into pitch shifting and weird sounds when doing solos and fills. Therefore, I have a bunch of effects pedals and have been informed that I should order them this way:

a) filters
b) overdrives
c) distortions
d) pitch shifters
e) delays
f) loopers

but i just got a Bass synth (boss syb-3) and a noise suppressor (boss ns-2) and i'm getting quite confused as to what forum posts have to say about ordering these 2 effects for guitar. i thought the NS-2 should go last, rather than first. i also feel the synth should go BEFORE my whammy so that i can alter the synth's sounds with the whammy expression foot pedal.

what do you guys think? should I order things this way:

a) a/b switch GUITAR SELECTOR
.. which i find best first.. please don't argue with me on this one)
c) dunlop WAH
d) EHX qtron AUTOWAH
e) Boss NS-2 NOISE SUPPRESSOR * (or put it at the end?)
g) EHX metal muf DISTORTON

i) Boss SYB-3 Bass SYNTHESIZER * (should i put this after the whammy instead??)
j) Digitech Whammy 5 PITCH SHIFTER * (should i put this before the synth instead??)

k) Ibanez DE-7 DELAY/ECHO
m) Boss RC-20/30 LOOPER(S)

i have other pedals that also go in/out of this set up... but yeah, there's my secret recipe with items I and J being the new ones. I don't know which way to place the 2 and am interested in perspectives. In the meanwhile, I'll experiment and see what my hearing tells me.

I hate to put it this way after you typed all of that out, but:
There's only two combinations there, haven't you simply tried it for yourself?

Both of these pedals are pretty finnicky, so you're going to have to do some experimenting to get them to play nice with each other.

The noise gate should go late in the chain. Perhaps you're confusing "filters" with "gates" which are very different things. Filters would be wahs, MuRF type effects, etc. Noise suppressors are not filters in the way that your list refers to filters.

On top of all of this, none of those lists or suggestions are written in stone. They're just guidelines to help you get started. These are fairly flexible systems and sometimes if something doesn't sound right you have to change things up and put pedals in unusual places. It's not a simple paint-by-numbers thing even if those lists might make it seem that way.
makes sense. i go according to the recipe: filters-od-dist-pitch-delay only because (after much experimenting) it sounds the best and the logic given makes sense.

for the NS-2, i do Not put it first because i think of it as a filter... i just put it FIRST/early on because that's what all the threads online have said. i suppose because it's cutting the signal after the signal goes in/out... and being first works according to that logic. when i bought it, i just assumed it would go LAST because all the pedal noise would go into it and then be filtered out.

anybody know enough about the Boss NS-2 to explain this briefly? i read somewhere that it contains both a noisegate and ... uhm.. other noise suppressing elements.
You said it yourself about the Glitch Comp: you find it works better there.

The order effects go is just a guideline. You could put flanger before fuzz if it made the sounds you wanted. However, the syb-5 I'm pretty sure qualifies as a filter pedal, so the rules apply fine here too.

Pedals like the NS-2 can be used wherever in the chain. First in the chain to kill hum, or last to kill hissing from pedals. I've heard of people using many noise gates in their rig in a few different spots. Basically, the question you should be asking is "what noise am I suppressing?"
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Maybe first in the chain is when you're using the 4-cable method? Otherwise I'd think you'd want your gate at least after your dirt pedals if not behind everything else.
yeah, ive been using the NS-2 today as mentioned above, early in the chain. i haven't put it at the end of the chain yet,

but i just tried doing the 4 cable thing by having the in/out at the beginning and then taking the last pedal in the chain and inputting it into the Return and Send and out to the looper/amp..... i ended up getting NO effects at all.. distortion.. delay.. etc... which means i messed something up or this pedal can cut out all effects prior in the signal or something (haha, which would be impossible)..... anybody have an idea of what happened... if the return/send doubles as a NS-2 or does something else?

about the syb-3... has anyone ever used a synth with a pitch shifter? i found that a couple of the syb-3 modes sound alright when bent up/down with the whammy. im using it before the whammy right now