Hey all, just had a 69' bandmaster reverb SF pop up on the local CL for $650 with the matching cab. So I'm kind of intrigued and started listening to some demos and what not on youtube.

Can anyone give me the lowdown on these amps? Comparatively to say the bassman, I've been kind of staking out cl waiting for something like this to pop up. Just don't know if I'd be more happy with the bandmaster or waiting for a bassman to come along.

It's not really a necessity, but I'm kind getting away from the heavy gain and distortion to more bluesy tones, and I have a JCM2000 and a black star ht20, which i can deal with. And I have a jcm800 cab so it's not like I need the cab...but it just seems like a good deal.

Ebay has just the heads for around $500 and but his will include the cab. Figure I might be able to throw out a lower number and get it a little cheaper as well. Add said it was recently gone through and caps replaced, new tubes, and general maintenance was done.
Not sure about the bandmaster, though there's one thing I can tell you if you decide to go for the bassman - don't get a silverface if you can.

Beware, also, of the fact that not all silverface amps have the characteristic silver panel, so be sure you discover what version it is before you buy it.

The whole bassman thing is a bit confusing anyway, since they are both referred to as face or the model of what I think is the rectifier tube (5F6-A, AB165...), and the general rule I found is that the AA864 blackface is THE vintage bassman, the silverface is the worst bassman, the brownface breaks up at lower volumes so it's good for crunchy stuff, and the 5F6-A tweed is the most famous and, as far as I know, the cleanest.
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I had a 65 Bandmaster, had the more desireable circuit. Killer amp , when it worked. It was 40 years old and sometimes it worked ,sometimes it didn't. Couldn't find anything wrong with it ever. So short of a total rebuild I was screwed, I got $400 for it on a trade in

The69 bandmaster while not a pile of garbage that price is almost too much, you would be better off spending$600-699 on a new vintage modern Bandmaster if that's the kind of tone you want.

The bandmasters are super clean up to 6-7 really nice sounding.And REALLY LOUD for 40watts! After that they break up nice. Think Pete Townshend tone. Take pedals very well. I had a Marshall pre running into it for metal tone/distortion.

But the unreliability of it forced me to dump it. I miss it .....sort of

To me with all the new stuff it has gotten it seems it may have issues someone was trying to fix and its not working so they are trying to dump it. They do sound good(when they work) so I always ask why did you dump all this money into it just to sell it?

Start it up cold and play it for 10 minutes soft and hard, leave it on for 10-15 then go back to it and hit it really hard.

And they all sound different no two will sound the same, close but not the same. Same with the Bassmasters. With the other 2 amps you have I would go for a Bandmaster.
What the hell!!!
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I passed on it. I asked for a picture of the internals since he said he had replaced all the caps, tubes, 3 prong plug, OP tranny, and he basically snapped and said no he wouldn't pull the chassis and went off on me via email, saying for a true musician they could tell everything was fine by hearing it....like wtf hahahaha. I was like, so if I come see it, can I pull the chassis, and check it out. Of course it was a no.

I told him, what youre doing is the equivalent of someone selling a car and saying it has some supped up engine in it and then saying no when someone asks to see a picture of the inside before coming out to see it and that if they come out to see it they can't pop the hood...Oh how I hate people...
What a douche.

Maybe look into a vintage Traynor YBA. Pretty similar to the bassman, and wayy cheaper.
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Yea, he was an ahole. I wasn't malicious or anything, he just went off saying he wouldn't deal with people requesting idiotic things such as that...okkkkk...haha I'm sorry if I don't take the word of a random person over the internet.