My mom and I have been decorating and renovating this year and flipping a house.

One thing we noticed is the amount of shitty tradesmen who either do things wrong, are hard to find, or think they can charge ridiculous amounts.

Be it horrid plumbers, dickish electricians or alcoholic roofers.

Meanwhile, we have loads of universities pumping useless graduates.

Surely, there must be money in the trades if good tradesmen are hard to find.

I'm thinking of doing more research and possibly consider a trade in the future if I get jaded with my current prospects.

Discuss trades.
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I don't think that getting a degree is at all "useless" but its importance is inflated. I would however recommend to anyone to explore a trade. I worked as a welder/fabricator for a long time and enjoyed the hell out of it. Lots of people don't though, coming home dirty isn't for everyone. Trades can also be the launch pad to business ownership. People in my family took car know how and turned it into auto repair shops and made a good living.

If you're serious take some classes to see if it's for you.
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If there were more women in trades, everyone would be more reliable.

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if my great grandfather hadn't been a pushover, my family would still own a gas station.

what are we talking about again?
Mike Rowe actually has been pushing this a lot.

Apparently there's quite the market for skilled workers.
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All those jobs suck, that's why they are mostly alcoholics.

I've had quite few trade jobs.
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Yeah, good threadstarters are so hard to find these days.

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