The music for this song is almost a more punk influenced Taking Back Sunday-ish type sound, and I'm not really sure what genre they actually fall under, so I just went with pop punk, with that out of the way...

Dear summer love,
I can see the blood that stains your eyes tonight
the corpses, like promises
beneath a red sunrise
you had me melting,
guess I was the hit sitting right on the tip of your tongue
but you chewed me up and spit me out
the come up sent you running

your crawl slow,
back to Georgia,
to the hell where you belong

Sew the suture,
our careless future's
just a pantomime of truth
ignite the spark I use to set myself on fire
Sew the suture,
our careless future's
just another line to you
another high to get you by
and through the night

Now and again,
I still look in the mirror and I see your ghost floating
it's in my eyes, your parasite
look away these scars are showing
shut up and deal,
cause I already lost
when I played my hand all in
grasping straws, I've lost it all
except my fear of falling

falling down,
so much for healing
as it breaks every bone (let's go)


The path of least resistance,
is the easiest to blow
don't need your assistance
and it goes to show...
that I'm growing up
and you're just getting old
hope you find yourself
cause I'm not standing for this

We'll runaway from here
to California
where you took my breath away