There are many different ways that bands form. Be it through ad's, auditions, or just the right chemistry between musicians. I play in a few bands at the moment and many over the years, but this is the first one where I have documentation of where the collaboration started. A simple Am, E jam set things in motion for The Tres. I have been in this band for about a year and a half. We never ended up turning this into a song but it was significant in establishing our chemistry together.


Share your stories here about how your band(s) came to be. Your progression and where you are now.
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Thank you for the recent review! Now your tune: the video seems like a basic band practice. I guess I would rather hear more of a home studio recording (better audio quality), and have all of the playing as good as possible. I think the tune(s) have potential, but I think they need work and practice.

I played in several bands in the 80's. It is a lot of fun when it is going well (and playing parties & nightclubs), but I eventually got tired of people flaking out or losing interest. That's why I just record everything myself for the last few years. Back in the 80's (before the internet), I joined most bands through a local (to Southern California) classified ads/paper called the Recycler (I think some famous bands have gotten together through the Recycler). I have jammed with several people I have met at work, but it never got past a few practices together. A few years ago, I played in a band (I met them at a party, former band members were there), but it lasted only 3 practices before it fizzled out. I get tired of spending lots of time practicing songs & have it go no where. Still had some fun.

Wow, I just found this on the internet:

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